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10 SEO Tips To Get Your Wordpress Blog Ranking Highly In The Search Engines

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This is very good information. The only other thing you need to do is have good content and update it often
This is good, but pretty rudimentary.
Thanks for this information. At our Heart Link blog for professional women we cocentrate on information from business, marketing, parenting to relationships to making fun of ourselves. I especially like the suggestion about permalinks. We did not know about that. Thanks Dawn Billings CEO & Founder of The Heart Link Network, women networking at its best.
Fantastic tips regarding WordPress and Headings. I need to get the site map plugin for my website and don't think the SEO plug in I'm using is actually generating the meta tags. Is there a way to know?
You can directly check the source of your pages to see if the proper meta tags are included.
I love your idea about related posts. Rand Fishkin and other SEO's aren't huge fans of tags because the tag pages don't convert well and can create some confusion with the links tags create.

There's an eBook people use that discusses WP SEO configuration called SEO in a Day that might be a good resource, and of course there's also which is more generalized by contains many of the same principles you mentioned with examples (such as how eBay and Amazon approach title tags).

Great presentation Jeremy!
With wordpress the right plugins and good content will see you indexed quickly but you still have to work at getting the authority established or else the site sinks like a stone. I use the Headway theme which has its own SEO content management hard coded into the theme

This was good. I have heard of most of it. Now if I can figure out what a "permalink" is

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Hey Andrea,

 Perhaps what you mean by a permalink is the Identification of your post after you have published. You can edit it to read more keyword friendly.





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