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AS always, very informative. Thanks.
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hello this is weimin from taiwan nice to meet you and hope to be ur friend
Thanks for sharing!!!!
So how do I go about leaving a Bus.Card? I think what you need is what I'm 'bout to leave you; H R Ingram III O/o: Timepiece Photo Services Montross, Va.
hello how are u?
woohoo, another tool I gotta have.
welcome to taipei flower expo
Some good ideas about varying anchor text and including crap like 'click here', and also using some 'no-follow' links (the bots will follow anyway). Makes your backlinks appear more natural rather than contrived for SEO purposes, which is an awesome SEO technique.

I'd like to try out your tool as well.

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This post was too commercial. I came here expecting information, not to be sold.
Indeed, Relevancy and Trust still DO matter in Link Building. Thanks.


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