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How much money have you spent on SEO and what did you spend it on?

SEO specialists, buying links, etc.

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I have done it all myself. I have spent time to get listed on all the directories I can find. I am also getting links from other sires as well as posting a blog and comments on forums.
I didn't spend anything, did it by posting blogs.
I am VERY sorry, I do not understand what is this all about.
With kind reverence...
I payed about 500 euro last year, but with the amount of extra business it generated, it was well worth it. I got top of the list on rankings for my business (within our countries of operation) in google and other major search engines.
There's nothing wrong with spending money on SEO, and you will (your time and money are the same things). What matters is, are you getting satisfactory results? Weather you "do it yourself" or outsource to an agency, before you spend any money, you must define your goals, and layout your strategies for success. When done right SEO works!

Robert Mesa
SEM/SEO Certified Professional
Can anybody help me how to get more traffic for my new website
I've spent $0.00 on SEO for Wine-Fi and Ewineaccessories . Why not ? Well quite a few reasons.

1. SEO services are not experts in my niche, Wine Accessories

2. The calls I've taken, they want to concentrate on just a few keywords ...well I can do that/ have done that and am ranking rather well...depending on the competition

3. All SEO's companies that have called have NEVER even looked at my site so they can't even begin to tell me about my niche.

4. I'm ranking better than most SEO companies in my own Country than they are...a #1 ranking in Timbuktu doesn't impress me.

5. SEO's can't justify the RIO in my niche.

6. Google changes the rules too much furthering the RIO pit

7. If SEO companies are so confident then how about a % of the income rather than an upfront Fee ?
We use various form of off-page optimization such as anchor terxt links, articles, blogs, directories, and social sites as well, we also have our on-page optimization tight.

As for spending, we do all of this in house.

If you paid for as many links as i get through my mail box ? you would need to work for the next 60 years to pay for it .

plus there is two much rip off's . good look to this any way .

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