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The three primary ways in which people use social media for business are:

1. Create a social media site: yes, who does not want to be as big as Facebook or Twitter? Every one plans on making the next big thing. However few are able to. The trick here lies in a truly genuine idea. If your concepts are in place, nothing can leave you behind. With a good technical team, you can create wonders.

2. Use social media to propagate: social media can be a great tool to spread awareness about your brand. It can help you in informing people of your presence. You can use social media to find out and communicate with your target audience. You will be in a better position to reach out the masses with a great social media.

3. Build Resources with social media: this is a relatively new strategy where more and more people are being sought after for employment opportunities by companies through social media. Basically a site where employees can put in their experience is made. Here employers can hunt for a possible candidate.


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