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What is your website url and how well do you rank in Google?

Please take a moment to list your url and share your best rankings on Google.

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Mine is and it hasn't even been crawled by google ...oh dear...
Hey Jonathan, Google takes their sweet time indexing sites but there are ways to get indexed quicker and with better results.

Mine is

I have a number of highly ranked positions on Google

Top 5 for Forearm Crutches For Sale  sometimes in #1 position

Top 10 to 20 for Crutches for sale

Top 30 for Online MedicaL Equipment

Top 5 for Bariatric Crutches

Top 10 Comfortable toilet risers


It takes skill and effort to obtain high rankings. I get companies all the time wanting me to promote their products.

Great job Tony, If you need some help with all of those customers just holler.

I too have many sites on the first page and have been very successful helping many others.

I just launched my website url is so no ranking on Google. I am hopeful in 3-6 months I'll be on Page one of Google with all of my keywords.

My website url is this . And i have done on page and some off page work like

Forum Posting

Social bookmarking

DIrectory sumbission For my website....

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